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South Africans Against Drunk Driving

It was founded by the Alcohol and Drug Educator and Counsellor, and Psychiatric Social Worker, Caro Smit, after her 23year old son, Chas, was killed in September 2005, by a driver who had been drinking.

SADD’s mission is to:

  • Stop drink driving
  • Support the victims of this violent crime
  • Urge the authorities to enforce the Road Safety laws in South Africa
  • Educate the public about alcohol and its misuse

SADD is part of the “Decade of Action for Road Safety”, ‘MAKE ROADS SAFE’, and the International WHO NPO: “Global Alliance of NGO’s Advocating for Road Safety and Road Victims.

Targets  for 67give

We visit +/-20 disadvantaged (often long term stay) adult road crash victims in Edendale, Greys & Northdale hospitals in Pietermartizburg.
8 wheelchairs = R40 000.
4 crutches = R5 000.
English & Zulu magazines/papers =R2 000.
Toiletries/t-shirts = R2 000.

Total target: R50 000