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PATCH Child Abuse Centre

PATCH / Helderberg Child Abuse Centre aims to support all child victims of sexual abuse in the Helderberg area of Cape Town, South Africa and strives to prevent the incidence of this horrific crime committed against innocent children.

We believe that every child victim of sexual abuse is entitled to immediate crisis intervention, free professional therapy in his/her home language at a PATCH facility close to the child victim’s home, and preparation for the court case, should their case go to court.

Targets for 67give

Obtain 100 Protective Behaviours Activity and Colouring Books written by Hilda O’Callaghan. The aim of the activity book is to inform children of their right to be safe and provide them with the tips and knowledge needed to cope with situations that threaten their well-being, particularly child sexual abuse. Each book costs R50.

Total target: R5 000